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Bright Payroll is a complete solution with all features needed to run your payroll, yet is very simple to use and most companies are set up and ready to go within an hour. The monthly or weekly routine to produce payslips takes minutes. If you are used to a manual system you will be amazed at the time saving!

Once the employee’s Tax code and National Insurance table letter has been entered to the program, together with any brought forward information from previous employment, the P11, payslip and any other required reports can be produced automatically from the payments entered. Other complications such as sick pay, tax credits, maternity and paternity pay, pensions and student loan repayments are also dealt with simply by the software.
The picture below shows the menu options and the setup screen that is completed for each employee:


When the employee details have been entered, the salary and any hourly additions or bonuses can be entered or changed as necessary on the “Pay Changes” screen:


Year-end is just a question of printing the required reports and uploading the file produced by the online filing option.
Online Filing will be compulsory by 2009-2010 and most payroll software now offers this facility. Bright Payroll has had the on-line filing capability since the 04/05 year end.

The tax-free amount for any company with less than 50 employees is available as follows:
File online for 2005-06 and get £250
File online for 2006-07 and get £150
File online for 2007-08 and get £100
File online for 2008-09 and get £ 75

The amount will be credited to your PAYE payment record. You can then offset it against future payments to the Inland Revenue, or you can claim it back. It was compulsary for large employers (with 250 or more employees) to file the 2004-05 end of year return online
There are other benefits of filing online:
 Security of data via the Government Gateway System
 Convenient and quick – no need to wait for the post
 Immediate confirmation of receipt
 Errors can be picked up quickly
 You can file your return online as soon as the tax year has ended

Perhaps the best thing of all is that by purchasing the software, the rebate from the Government will more than cover the software price. 

The price of the software includes telephone or email support and updates as necessary during the year. There is then a renewal fee for subsequent years.

Using Bright Payroll has many advantages:

    Cheaper than using accountant or agency
    Much quicker than a manual system especially at year-end
    No knowledge of PAYE is needed
    Integration with your accounting software
    Professional looking printed payslips
    Online Filing of year-end reports with the associated incentives

Features include:

      Any number of employees
      All pay frequencies
      Departmental analysis
      Statutory sick pay and maternity pay
      Free of Tax pay
      Profit related pay
      K codes
      Directors National Insurance GIRO,
      Nat West Autopay and BOBS
      Inland Revenue approval for Online Filing
      No pre-printed stationery required
      Supports Tax Credits and Students Loans
      Import data to Bright Accounting program

Reports and outputs:

      P11 / P32 / P14 / P60 / P35 / P45
      On-Line Filing
      Nominal Analysis report
      Department Summaries
      Coin Summaries
      Giro Summaries
      Employee Records

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